About Us

HFCI is an independent and internationally accrediated Halal Inspection and Certification Body in India.

We stands as one of the most reliable organisation for halal certification of food items and all other consumptives. We render our services to issue halal compliance certification. Consultation, audition and monitoring the national and international market is our speciality.

Our priority is to promote halal concept, and make halal items easily available in market for huge muslim community .

Our Services

Halal certificate

Initial Discussion

Follow-up Support

market Advisory

Market Information

product integration

Product research


preliminary review


trade fair support

process optimization

The advantages for your company

National and international acceptance of your halal products and services

Advertising impact and strengthening of your image

Consumer trust and increased customer satisfaction

Halal compliance of your finished products

Assurance of halal compliance of raw or precursor materials in processing

Development of new markets and customer segments

Trend market with great potential for growth

Support to build your Business


Halal Certificate is Acceptable in 120 Countries.

Collaboration With USA, Africa & Asian Halal Organizations

Most Reliable and Authentic Halal Certification Body

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are Impartial, Independent & Fair

We Provide Quick Response

Benefits of Halal Certification

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